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 The future...? 
Hydrogen to power the future...more
Robots to build our homes...more
Aging demographics in China
Chinese nanotechnology
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GFF Twitter
GFF Tweet Deck 2014 
An indexed compendium of all our Tweets from 2014 with hot links. More ...
Challenge to Change Insurance
Challenge to Change  A three paper series on the challenges and opportunities in insurance
“Challenge to change” is a 3 part white paper series that explores the future growth drivers of the global Insurance industry. More ...
David Smith
The CIO as Manager - Leader -
The CIO as Manager, Leader and Entrepreneur 
Technology is changing the products and services we offer, how we engage with our partners and staff and how we go to market. This paper discusses how the role of the CIO needs to adapt. More ...
David Smith
Whats Hot in 2014 -1 small
What's Hot in 2014
What's Hot in technology in 2014. What we should be increasingly focussing on as the year progresses. More ...
David Smith
Dynamic Lives - Flexible Homes
How our homes will need to change to meet our lifestyles in the future. More ...
David Smith
The Future Report
The December 2012 updated - The Future - report. Greater geographical spread and increased topic areas this report compiles from over 150 sources the foresight we will need to confront the future. More ...
David Smith
The Future 2013
Social Networks
Social Networks the Next Generation
Social networks are reshaping how we live our lives and how we work. This report sets out how that change will continue to impact on many areas of our lives and has the power to transform how we work. More ...
David Smith
Penfolds Report
Penfolds Vintage Years Report
The PVY report highlights the best business years in the UK in the last 50 years and forecasts the next, using a unique indicator to score each year. More ...
ELM Leader Profile Image
Effective Business Change
Knowing who should lead and contribute to your strategic change progammes is vital. ELM shows you who they are and provides the tools to implement change effectivey. More ...
Sharks image fro 2020 vision f
Winning the upturn (the way forward)
What next? More ...
Future of Companies advert
The Future of Companies
'The Future of Companies' looks at additional drivers impacting our organizations at this volatile time. More ...
Opportunities Challenges - Small and Medium Size business
The Future of Travel and Tourism in the Middle East
Radical Resources
Network Relationship Management
 MIT Review - Top Stories