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As a futures research organisation we specialises in identifying the key trends impacting on organisations and their markets and constituents both in the near and longer term future and identifies their likely impact. Output is often in the form of reports, presentations, slide decks, webinars, videos or animations etc. 


We undertake this work for both ourselves and also for our clients, directly and via their preferred PR or Marketing agencies, in order to enhance their 'Thought Leadership' position through creating compelling content. This is a must, particularly for all B2B firms, to demonstrate insight into your clients issues.

An example of our animated output created in 2015: THE RISING TIDE OF AUTOMATION
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Below in an example of an integrated campaign of content we were commissioned to create, including thought leadership, a timeline of expected change and a video explaining it to the staff. The President of Steria, Francois Enaud, said that this was the best material they had ever produced and he encouraged his entire management team to read and understand it.


He said to his market 'Join us in exploring the future – and embracing it. We are with you all the way'.

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