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The GFF economic service is produced with turning point economics and Graeme Leach, its founder and chief economist, who is also director of economic futures at GFF.


Your personalised economic service can be based around reports, briefings, client presentations and speeches.


You want the future economic outlook to be fascinating, insightful, accessible and actionable for your business.


Our job is to make sure that it is.




Current projects include the long-term economic impact of Covid-19, in a world where the old assumptions no longer apply.

You can also access our coronanomics briefing service covering the short and long-term economic impact of the pandemic.


The briefing service will address the competing arguments around questions such as:


  • How long and deep will the downturn be?

  • Will there be a V or L shaped recovery?

  • Will the fiscal support measures work, or will more be required?

  • Will we see negative interest rates in the UK?

  • Will the shift towards big government be temporary or permanent?



Our core philosophy is that long-term economic analysis can never operate in a silo.


The GFF economic service integrates economic analysis with future megatrends such as technology, demography and social change.


We are also unique in emphasising to clients that the ‘story’ is much more important than the ‘numbers’ when seeking to understand the economic outlook. Every forecast is a story and every numerical forecast is also a story. The numbers matter but the story underpinning them is more important. Business needs to understand the what and the why of future change.


The ‘economic futures’ in the job title is for a reason. We live in a world of radical uncertainty. Our job is to help you understand the future economic story and how to spot whether or not alternative stories are unfolding. The next step is to help you understand how these economic forces will directly impact your organisation.

Other reports by Graeme Leach:

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Professor Graeme Leach
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