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In this new Intelligent Era we will see significant enhancement to the assets we built during the Digital Era and the augmentation and replacement of many professional and Knowledge Workers skills, tasks and roles. This is a time characterised by more information being pumped out by more devices, analysed by smarter tools on lightning-fast quantum computers or actioned where the data is captured, connected via a massive array of satellites and earth stations across rapid 6G networks, using more capable Artificial Intelligent, connected via Mixed Reality, building anything through Additive Manufacturing.

Although damaged by the pandemic, the UK Creative Industries look set to outperform the broader economy in the period to 2030 while also proving a key driver of wider economic transformation. Creativity is becoming synonymous with innovation and a critical lever for building value and digitally transformation, which in turn could see CI and the broader economy develop greater synthesis.
There is still a gap in both talent and perhaps mindset between CI and other industries, meaning new structures will be needed to capitalise on the inherent potential and value of closer relationships.

The pandemic has shown us in myriad ways, that technology is no longer about doing things differently or digitalising existing processes, but about doing different things. Those that do not internalise what this means for their industry and organisation will likely stagnate or worse in the coming year.

Beyond the immediate challenges of the pandemic, CEOs have the opportunity to re-imagine and ‘future-proof’ their business and organisational models. Indeed, 90 percent of executives agree that the crisis will fundamentally change the way they do business over the next five years. The main driver of this ? 85 percent foresee major changes to their customers’ needs and wants.

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The scale of economic uncertainty at present is perhaps greater than at any time in our economic history. In response this report presents a comprehensive set of epidemiological and economic scenarios, in order to help readers understand the economic consequences of the Covid-19 threat to lives and livelihoods.

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This updated view of the 'new normal' post pandemic business, social and economic environment now covers 40 sectors and includes views on work, religion and community. 


We are not going back to the 'normal' we had before the pandemic struck and we were all forced into lock-down.

The Big Break Cover.JPG

We are not going back to the 'normal' we had before, however much certain industries or businesses may want to.


In this report we've looked at the likely emerging economy and post-pandemic changes in 20 sectors from airlines to law, to technology and education etc.


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  • 2015 - 'Challenge to Change - People and Insurance', Sponsored by Equinix and Acord.

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  • 2014 - 'The Future of Real Estate'. A White Paper prepared for CBRE.

  • 2014 - 'Islamic Banking in the Middle East', a White Paper for Experian.

  • 2014 - 'Challenge to Change' The Future of Insurance - a three White Paper series looking at global issues, technology and industry drivers of change and consequences. An Acord paper, sponsored by  Equinix.

  • 2013 - 'Future Of' series including, the future of: Work, Workers Health and Wellness, Jobs, Technology,  Social Media, Apps and the Web, Networks, Business Models, Communities, Homes, Families, Education, Tourism, Travel. White Papers for the Institute of Directors (IoD).

  • 'Beyond Efficiency' - EU Public Administration Transformation. Steria.

  • 'Customer Strategy' - The Future of Automotive, Services, Financial Services, Utilities, Government, Transport, Retail, Tourism, Telecoms.

  • 'The Future of Travel and Tourism in the Middle East', Dubai launch..

  • 'China Report': Views of business' in 62 countries on business in China.​

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